Disney Infinity to be out in June 2013


A trailer has been released for Disney’s upcoming game called Disney Infinity. And… it actually looks quite fun for all ages to enjoy. Check out the hilarious trailer:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC_xhaIlgWQ’]

From what can be interpreted from the trailer, Disney Infinity is like a mesh of the recently released Nintendo Land and Minecraft. You can play with your favorite Disney characters from Monsters INC, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars, The Incredibles, etc in interactive environments from their respective movies! You can also create your own world. Pretty neat!

Not much to say about Disney Infinity yet other than Sulley and Jack Sparrow make a hilarious duo in this trailer and it looks interesting to say the least. It is slated to be released in June of this year in all gaming platforms. More information should be coming out shortly.

Of course, there are still quite a bit of us waiting for the next installment of the popular Square Enix x Disney franchise, Kingdom Hearts 3. Will Disney Infinity tie us over until then?

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