Who doesn’t love making your own candies! Be creative and have fun with it!

it’s called “Deco tte Candy” ( one of our bloggers got this New Candy kit from Japan! )

Let’s see what they got this time:)

It comes with variety of decorations, enough to make 3-5 super kawaii candis! You can eat them all. Every little piece! Tasted yummy.

Use your imagination and make some shapes! We chose Kitty ( trying to make hello kitty and you’ll see how it ended up looking like. haha )

Really easy steps. No water needed. No serious technique required.

Totally kids friendly!



Fun little drawing on the butterfly, kitty and heart! It was kinda tricky because all the candies I made was tiny tiny size… you can tell i didn’t do a good job on it… I need another package to try and get better at it!  🙂

Here’s final kawaii candies I made! haha cute right? It was such a fun thing to do for sure. There’s so many products in Japan, DIY kinda candy kit! Poppin cookin is one of those fun candy making kit.

Hello kitty… no, just a kitty and pretty heart <3

can’t wait to try another one! Love making a fun candy!

Would you like to get one? Next time we are in Japan, We can get some for you guys! KKS readers!

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