Philippines-based label Dolldelight has been making waves recently in many corners of the fashion world. Talented designer Cyril Lumboy creates stylish and unique clothes for Philippine lolitas, and her creativity”s been getting her a lot of attention. Dolldelight caters to everyone – from the sweetest lolita to the darkest, to the angriest punk lolita. Classic cuts are combined with colorful and unusual patterns. I was fortunate enough to interview the mastermind of these creations about her work.

Q: What are some of the latest things that you have accomplished with dolldelight?
A: I have been fortunate to get a decent amount of exposure for my work. Earlier this month, I submitted an article for Cosplay Gen ( I wrote about Lolita fashion and at the same time, included photos where I modeled my designs. Manila Bulletin, a local newspaper, has written about me as an independent Lolita designer. Also, Art Society, an organization from one of the colleges we have here was kind enough to invite me to their week-long event. I was able to do a talk and got to showcase my designs afterwards.

Q: What made you interested in becoming a lolita designer?
A: I think the main reason why I ended up designing my own Lolita clothes is that I could not really purchase from the popular brands. I wanted to be a Lolita so badly but dresses from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright were just too expensive. That is why I began sewing my own headpieces then moved on to making my own dresses. I eventually came up my with distinctive style which includes combining print with prints, making use of different textures (for punk lolita) and doing ruffles instead of lace trimmings.

Q: Do you make your clothes full time, or do you have a second job?
A: Sewing dresses is actually just as hobby as I am still a college student. However, I do earn from it as, luckily, there are clients who are interested to purchase or commission a dress from me.

Q: Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

A: I do not really have any specific inspiration in making my dresses but I do try to play with the print/pattern of the fabric.

Q: Do you question what your customers in what they want in a lolita dress?
A: Usually, my clients purchase the dresses I have on hand but they could also commission me to make custom dresses for them. I ask them their colors and prints of choice and how detailed they want their dresses to be. Details include ruffles, lace trimmings, and bows.

Q: Where/When did you begin wearing lolita? What drew you to the style?
A: I started doing Lolita 3 years ago when I attended the Philippine Toy Convention. I did not really know about the style until I had this school activity where I needed to dress up as a French Maid. I searched for dresses I could use as reference and I ended up at Baby”s online store. It was my first experience of Lolita. Everything was just nbso online casino reviews so pretty I had to try it myself!

Q:What were some of the difficulties and challenges in establishing yourself and the dolldelight label?

A: Going back, I think I did not have a hard time establishing my dolldelight page in Facebook as it was linked to my older deviantart account. I also had friends who were interested in Lolita that ended up being my clients. The photoshoots that I do plus the dresses that I sell helped in promoting my label.

Q:Is there a conflict between the mainstream society and what you are trying to achieve?
A: Belonging to a substyle would always be in conflict with the mainstream. Still, I would like to think that the popularity of Lolita fashion in the Internet has further led to the acceptance of this style. I believe that the more people become aware of it, the less they would think of it as weird.

Q: What does lolita style mean to you??
A: Lolita, to me, is a style that embraces fantasy and imagination. It is both beautiful and luxurious, and caters to every girl”s dream of becoming a princess. I know it sounds too feminine and even childish, but Lolita does have its tomboyish and edgy side – Punk Lolita, my personal favorite among the substyles. Aside from letting me express myself through appearance, I consider Lolita as my craft, a means to explore and develop my artistic side.

Q: Do you listen to any songs/band while designing your clothes?

A: I am not really much of a music lover but I do like playing Andrew Lloyd Webber”s Phantom of the Opera soundtrack whenever I sew.

Q: Do you plan on expanding your business across the world?

A: I do have several offers of establishing my own Lolita shop but I have not decided if I would pursue sewing and transform it into a job/business. Truth be told, I did not go to formal fashion school and I consider myself as a, more or less, self taught designer. However, I think I would be in love with the fashion for a long time and I might get to put up my own Lolita brand/shop in the end.

Q: What are some of your short term and long term goals for yourself and your work?
A: Right now, I am focused on designing and making dresses that would ultimately define “dolldelight”. I intend to create more Punk Lolita pieces as the popular brands currently cater to the Sweet style. As a matter of fact, I am now working and experimenting on how I could mix punk with all the other substyles. My long term goals, on the other hand, would be to finish my degree in Anthropology and, at the same time, establish myself as an independent Lolita designer.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add for the readers?

A: I would love for people to know about my work and, I am extremely thankful to those who have been supporting me for quite some time now. I hope everyone would be interested to give my page, ( a peep! Also, I am open for commissions. If there”s anything I made or you think I could make for you, do drop me a note!

If you”re interested in seeing more Dolldelight designs or maybe purchasing a dress for yourself, check out the facebook fan page at or You can also see tons more photos at the official Dolldelight Tumblr!

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