doraemonEvery celebrity in the US seems to have their own perfume and cologne, so it only makes sense for some of the biggest anime characters to have their own, right? Doraemon fans can now make their rooms smell like their favorite character’s room with these Doraemon home fragrances.

doraemonfr2The story always begins in this room. Nobita’s room fragrance is a verdurous and youthful “Scent of Adventure.”
Girly girl. Shizuka’s room fragrance is a kind “Scent of Flowers.”

doraemonfr3A part of the Goda Store. Gian’s room fragrance is a calming “Scent of Wa.”
Rich kid Suneo’s room fragrance is an elegant “Scent of Luxury.”

Nobita’s: green tea, geranium, lemon grass, and rosemary
Shizuka’s: lily of the valley, cherry blossom, vanilla
Gians: green tea, hyacinth, Bergamot orange
Suneo’s: watermelon, violet, Bergamot orange, lemon

Each cost 4,104 ($40). If these become successful products, we’ll see fragrances of all of our favorite characters in no time!

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