Doraemon McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys (A Toy Guide for Grown-Ups)

I posted the advertisement of the Doraemon Happy Meal Toys on Instagram and Facebook last month and surprisingly, it was well-received by you guys. So now I’m back to bring you a closer look at these contraptions. No… I didn’t keep going back to McDonald’s while I was in Japan and kept buying the darn Happy Meals for it!!! These were sent to us by some friends in Japan. Although… I did eat McDonald’s almost every morning during the two weeks I was there… Orz

Since Happy Meals are generally for kids, here’s my spin on them for all you grown-ups out there with an inner child.

1. Doraemon Water Bottle

Would you like a cool figure or a cool water bottle? Because this thing is BOTH! Unscrew Doraemon’s little safari and fill up it with some delicious water to quench your thirst. BTW, I should note that it will only quench your thirst is you’re under 3 years old. If you’re a grown up, you’re not going to survive Summer 2014 with this little thing. (WHY IS LOS ANGELES ALREADY THIS HOT IN MAY?! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ ) OH wait… you can put a shot of a certain “courage juice” in this thing. The perfect disguise…

2. Doraemon & Dog Windup Carts

Does anyone know the name of the dog? Leave a comment down below. (Hurray for audience participation!) Yeah, these are those kinds of toy carts where you pull it back to wind it up, let go, and watch it zoom zoom by! Play this at the office and place bets with your co-workers!


3. Doraemon Roller Stamp

Rofl-coptor Doraemon? Fool ja! It’s a roller stamp! If you ever wanted to anger someone, just go to their house and roll this across their walls. That will teach them to mess with you because immaturity is the best way to get back at someone.

4. Doraemon Claw

Saw a little boy whilst I was eating at McDonald’s picking up trash on the floor with this. I salute you, good citizen! <(‘-‘) So that should give you some ideas for y’all grown-ups. Got something you don’t wanna touch but you ABSOLUTELY have to get rid of? This is your solution.

5. Doraemon Ruler & Magnifying Glass

Honestly… I don’t know what you can really do with this as an adult… but if you don’t have an actual ruler and a magnifying glass in your own home by now, you fail at life.

(Not Pictured)

6. Doraemon Submarine Telescope Thingie

(No description available)

Hope you guys enjoyed this closer-look at the Doraemon Toys! Now if you will excuse me, I will post these pictures on Facebook now without the grown-up humors…

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