Remember how excited i was when i first found out about opening Doraemon museum in japan a couple of months ago? Now it’s finally opened in Kawasaki city in japan on Sep. 3rd 2011. According to Dora world. com, it has been super busy first two months! There are tons of original handwritten storyboards, original paintings, original mangas and his work space, rooms with full of doraemon famous scenes and many many more of must-see stuff! and so many figures of all the characters Fujiko Fuji created over 50 years of his life.

here’s a TV commercial for the museum.

oh my goodness. Wish i could go there right now! just so you know, tickets are only available at LAWSON (convenience store) in japan.

Here’s the first look of the 3 stories’ Fujiko Fuji museum… sneak peeks of what’s going on inside! when press release party was held there.

amazing amazing amazing! One day, i will experience doraemon’s magical world with you, Doraemon! Can’t wait! xo


Official museum website is also amazing.

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  1. Can u please advise how to go to doremon museum from tokyo station? Which line, where to stop, how to walk there? How much it cost for transportation? Is it ok to get ticket at same day?

    1. Hi ming, Let me do some research today and let you know 🙂 I’ve never been so I am not sure but I can find out all about it! thanks!

  2. Need help with the ticket booking.

    According to the offcial website, we need to make reservation. but the tickets is only avaliable on 30th of the month.
    I want to visit the DORAEMON Museum on 21 Oct. can you advice me how to go about it?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I would recommend you to contact JTB Japan because they can get your tickets of the Ghibli museum. Hope you enjoy your visit!!!! 🙂

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