Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen Creator, Compile-Maru released the video of the download version for Nintendo 3DS of Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen. It will be available on November 16th, 2016.

The video introduces how to play this game and the game mode.

“This is a ‘third generation fighting puzzle game.’ Falling pairs of Nyoki Nyoki, which come in assorted colors, descend from the top of the screen to the bottom. Player face off, matching the pieces up while staying below an on-screen line. Succeeding sends junk pieces, known as Ojama, onto an opponent. You can choose to “attack” your opponent at any time after building up power from matches.

Most notable is Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen’s Handicap Mode. People of differing experience levels can face off with altered rules. The more proficient player will have five colors to match, while the beginner will have two colors.

As a fun aside, Nyoki Nyoki is an onomatopeic phrase, which means it’s a symbolic sound that can mimic a mannerism, feeling, or state like ‘doki doki,’ ‘gira gira,’ or ‘pikapika.’ It’s used to represent growing, which the stacks of items will do as they accumulate in the game.”

Read more at siliconera.com.

Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen will come to the Nintendo 3DS eShop on November 16, 2016 for 800 yen
Let’s play with Kawaii five color of Nyoki Nyoki!

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