It is with deep sorrow we bring to you the news of IKUZONE”s passing.

The event occurred on the night of April 21st. IKUZONE was found collapsed in his studio by his family and taken to the hospital. The official time of death was 10:55pm of the same day. The cause was acute cardiac insufficiency. He was 46.

The family has already held a funeral service which was strictly for family members and friends. IKUZONE left behind three children. The band all made a comment on the official Dragon Ash website. While it is in Japanese, you can check it out here:

It is currently unknown if Dragon online slots Ash will continue their activities. They had just wrapped up a tour, following IKUZONE”s comeback to the music world. He had taken some time off starting last May for treatment for radial paralysis on his left arm.

Dragon Ash are one of modern day music legends in Japan. They helped make the hip hop sound popular in the country, and created a lot of innovative music. Having started out as more of a punk group, they mixed all available genres into their work, including reggae, numetal, Spanish, R&b… they made some bloody awesome stuff, man.

I remember, when I was young and somewhat innocent, I wandered into a CD shop and stumbled upon a Dragon Ash cd in the sales rack. It was the Crush the Window single. I remember I listened to it many times. I even carried it around with me (because I am the kind of crazy person that would tote about a bunch of cds in jewel cases and a cd player rather than buy an iPod.) I still have that cd, and it”s been joined by many others… but that one will always be one of my favorites.

So… from the bottom of my heart, I say… thanks, man. You were fucking amazing. 46 is way too young to die, and you will be missed.

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the bereaved.



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