Duel Jewel

Duel Jewel, one of the great pioneers of visual kei in America, best known for “Hanauta” one of the songs from One Piece anime, are back n hitting us with TWO mini-albums in the same year!! WILL, their last mini-album, came out on 3/17/2010. We are now informed by a sleek, revamped http://www.DuelJewel.jp that we should expect the second mini-album of the year to come flying at us on 09/22/2010. It will be entitled ZERO and it is uncertain how many songs it will contain, but there WILL be a PV.
I was somewhat disappointed by WILL, which wasn”t Duel Jewel”s best, in the general opinion of the fans. While it was definitely an amazing work, they”ve done better. I also still haven”t forgiven them for that horrible version of Tsuki To Tawamure off the last full length album that they released, REVIVE. Hayato”s voice is definitely no longer as strong as it used to be when the song was first made. Regardless, one of my favorite Duel Jewel songs, “Brave” came from the WILL mini-album. I thought it was a much stronger song than the title track, “Will online casino – andante”. I have much higher hopes for ZERO.

Also, for all those who love to see lead guitarist Shun in other people”s PVs, the great and magnificent Red Beast has made another appearance in GACKT”s PV for “Ever”. It”s nice to see him getting more popular! His Red Beast awesomeness will not be ignored.

And finally, the lovely Duel Jewel have unveiled new looks in addition to the big news. They look so classy! Despite the fact that they”re not young kids anymore, they still look stunning! I hope I will have a chance to see them live soon.

Hayato – vocals

Shun – guitar

Natsuki – bass

Yuya – guitar

Val (Baru) – drums

In addition to Duel Jewel”s Ameba blogs and the OHP, there is also an unofficial support group on Facebook and myspace, ready to mobilize on a moment”s notice. DUEL JEWEL FANS UNITE!!


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