To celebrate 40 years of the super robot manga and anime, Mazinger Z, bandai is releasing a fancy deluxe limited edition model.

This model is two times bigger than previous ones, which allowed for more detail work. You can remove all of the parts to get a good look of the inner mechanics of Mazinger Z. Its eyes and chest light up, which is pretty badass, and you can enjoy three Mazinger Z songs as well as sound effects.

Luckily for those interested in seeing the actual toy, it will be displayed at several events around the world including France for Japan Expo, US for Comic-Con International, as well as Hong Kong. It will be sold in Japan in December for 36,750 yen ($467). Only 10,000 units will be made. And for those of you who have never heard the Mazinger Z theme song, here it is. It’s one of my favorite.

For more information about the dx model, go to Tamashii, friendly to both Japanese and English speakers.

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