It’s been over a day since the earthquake struck Northeastern Japan. As of this post, over 680 people are confirmed dead, but the estimated dead are over 1000. The amount of missing people is currently unfathomable. Rescue efforts are still going on, but Japan isn’t safe yet.

Currently, all eyes are on the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. For up-to-date news in English, check out NHK World News and watch on jibtv.

Please consider donating to Red Cross. You can also volunteer to help out, donate blood, money, and more. There are lots of other organizations as well.
The following is a video, and in the video description under the video has a list of links for organizations and other foundations to help northern Japan.

Here’s some other updates and videos:
(note: these people are citizens, not news broadcasters or scientists. This is just their perspectives and updates.)

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