Earth’s Special Forces project still alive!


Holy smokes! Earth’s Special Forces?! I remember seeing this DBZ fan game when I was almost done with middle school. Now I graduated from college and this Half-Life 1 mod is still underdevelopment! THAT’S RIGHT! HALF-LIFE ONE! (FYI, game came out in 1998)

Back when Steam, Valve’s gaming distribution software, barely hit the gaming community, there were a quite handful of mods out such as Battlegrounds, Natural Selections, and of course, Earth’s Special Forces. I remember downloading a bunch of these modded games to play with my friends. Earth’s Special Forces was a peculiar one because it is based on popular Anime series, Dragon Ball Z, and as a 13 year old boy, who can resist not playing it! Granted that it was buggy as hell at the time, it was still fun just to fly around Planet Namek as Kid Gohan. Although the fun can only last so long. Obviously, the game never reached an official release.

Fast forward to today, it’s in beta! I am not disappointed at such the long delay but rather, I am applaud the staff behind this game to keep up for as long as they did! Kudos! Really! It must takes a lot of dedication to keep this up and I’ve seen a lot of potential mods go down under after building up so much hype. (Ocarina of Time Halo Mod anyone?) We have to understand, indie games and fan games do not have an entire army of staff to work on the game. It takes a lot of dedications and guts to push through free labor!

To see Earth’s Special Forces still kicking is somewhat of a great news to me, but to see how far it had come, just wow. Look at the graphics! For a Half-Life 1 mod, it looks pretty sweet! Don’t take my word for it, check out their latest trailer: Goku vs Frieza complete with voice overs and sound effects!

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Let’s hope to catch this game out soon! Head on over to Earth’s Special Forces website to show some support!

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