English Voice Cast Announced for New Miyazaki Movie, The Wind Rises

English dubs of Miyazaki films typically had unconventional voice actors where the voice actors were more known for their acting then their voice. For example, Christian Bale voiced Howl in Howl’s Moving Castle and Dakota Fanning voiced Satsuki in the 2005 Disney version of My Neighbor Totoro. However, as unexpected as the voice casting was the dubs were always amazing and even many purists of Japanese animation concede that the voices are well done in the dubs. With Miyazaki’s new and final film as a director, the voice cast is just as unconventional and hopefully just as great.

The voice of protagonist, Jiro Horikoshi will be voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt will be voicing his love interest, Nahoko Satomi, and Elijah Wood will be voicing Sone, one of Jiro’s colleagues. Check out Flicks and Bits for the full cast list.

This will probably be the only time I get to use JGL’s picture for an article so I’m going to do it.

The film is set for a limited release in North American theaters on February 21st and wide release on February 28th, just in time to take your boyfriend/girlfriend to see this movie. It’ll be great to watch a this most likely sad and tragic film to get lucky. Or you could go watch it by yourself; you’re a strong independent person who “don’t need no man/woman/body pillow”.

Source: Flicks and Bits

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