You’ve all seen great cosplays. You’ve all seen great cosplays with awesome photoshop’d effects. But have you seen great cosplays… IN ACTION?

YouTube star, martial arts choreographer, & special FX artist, GakAttack, utilized every trick and skills he has to put together a kind of cosplay video much different than the ones we are used to seeing. He goes to anime conventions, select a few cosplayers to volunteered to be in his video, and choreograph actions on the spot. Gak, then, takes the footages home, add in effects on his software, and put these amazing piece together. If you like Live Action Anime style videos, then this is for you. Check out these videos.

After watching these videos, I have to say GakAttack is quite a champ. Taking a beat like that in front of his own camera. Haha.

For more of his videos, definitely subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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