It is announced that there will be an Evangelion collaboration event at Tokyo Joypolis on November 22nd to January 9th next year.
At this event, you can see “Rebuild of Evangelion” summary movie with a projection mapping, lighting and laser effects at the maid stage. You can also see “until you come to me.”, “evangelion Another Impact” or “New Generation Impacts.” that were screened at Japan Animator Expo.
At D-Lounge, there will be colorful drinks and soft serving ice cream which are inspired by Evangelion characters. You can get a special sticker per your order at this lounge.
There will be fun Evangelion collaboration menus at Frame Cafe as well. For example, there will be a chocolate cake inspired by the scene of Shinji and Kaworu playing the piano together or a special pasta dish inspired by Rei’s favorite ramen, “garlic ramen without pork.”

Source: Anime! Anime!


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