It’s almost the time of the year for Yukata (a casual summer kimono)! Rumi Rock, a rising Yukata designer collaborated with EVANGELION, and her Yukata and Tenugui (handkerchief) will be on sale on June 23. The price for Yukata is about $365 each including tax. They are not cheap but this sure is a must buy item for “Eva” fans for this summer.

There will 2 different designs for the Yukata. The one down below has Evangelion Unit 00, 01, 02 silhouette prints on it.

This one here has the city and the red sea that remind us of the story.


This is Tenugui.

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  1. So how do we order these in the US? Are they avaliable through the evastore only? Evastore doesn’t ship outside Japan, and I would love one of the red sea yukata.

  2. We’re not sure if they are available for people in the US, like you said it only appears that they’re available for Japanese shipping. Perhaps you could try eBay or other sites like that? Good luck!

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