Fantasy Life Coming to NA this fall

Just announced at E3 2014 Fantasy Life, the “Animal Crossing x Final Fantasy” game, for the 3DS is finally coming over to NA. The game is basically Animal Crossing but with RPG elements, which will be perfect for those that want to get into an Animal Crossing-like game but was put off by the mundane nature of the game (it’s still a cathartic experience).

fantasycoverWhen I say RPG elements, it’s not limited to a battle system. You could be a paladin, a miner, and even a woodcutter. However, the best thing about all the job variety is that you have to freedom to change your job, perfect for those that want love variety when playing these kinds of games. Fantasy Life did really pretty well in Japan, enough to warrant an expansion Fantasy Life Link! It’s similar to the base game but with updated features and even a mode where you can play with your friends.





The game has been set to release October 24th this year.

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