Japan has this image of being one of the thinnest developed countries, but maybe that will change with the recent hype for pochakos (chubby girls) also known as marshmallow girls. According to La Farfa, the first plus-size fashion magazine in Japan, to qualify as a model for their magazine your clothes must be around XL~8XL and you must give the magazine permission to print your weight.

Naomi Watanabe has been the cover girl for most La Farfa issues so far.
She’s a very popular comedienne in Japan (also one of my favorite comedians)!

Due to requests from its readers, the magazine has decided to choose ten official La Farfa models. Their weights range from 61 kg (134 lbs) to 119 kg (262 lbs), while most models and actresses in Japan weigh less than 50 kg (110 lbs). I’ve seen a couple of them on a variety of Japanese television shows and they seem very confident and happy, which was refreshing.

Feelings are quite mixed online. Some say the marshmallow girls are more relatable than skinny models, others say most of the pochakos are way beyond chubby. At least plus size girls in Japan now have more role models to look up to and can purchase a magazine that offers fashion tips with them in mind.

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