Ever randomly clicked around YouTube and stumbled on some random video and thought, “OMG this is so amazing. Must share with friends!”? Well, of course you have! And that’s what I’m doing to you today!

Last week, I found this video on Touhou‘s Bad Apple!! Dance by YouTube Persona, Kelsey, a.k.a KimonoTime.

This young and talented London dancer energetically solo dances to J-pop, K-pop, and American Pop music in her living room, kitchen, and backyard. KimonoTime keeps things fresh by using clever editing tricks to feature dancing duets performed by her two counterparts: Tokyo and Osaka. Her YouTube channel racked up 16,000+ subscribers with more than 3.4 million video views (as of 6.18.2012). WOW! Did I mention she also sings in Japanese & Korean too?

KimonoTime is the entire pop sensation package! She also performs at conventions too so if you happen to catch her name somewhere the time you hit up your local con, drop by and cheer her on! I can only tell you so much in words but you must check out her mix video which has compiled clips of her dancing! Very well crafted together.

If you’re interested in learning more about KimonoTime, subscribe to her YouTube channel and check out links to all her pages!

http://www.kimonotime.net/ (Official Website)

http://www.youtube.com/user/KimonoTime/featured (YouTube Channel)

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  1. You thinking singing in japanese and korean is a talent? LOL you only have to memorize the syllable sounds. Also…that live video was pretty terrible, it no skill to sing those kinds of songs, anyone who can sing on pitch can sing that shit. Although, anime songs in general are pretty crappy like that.

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