We all know 3D printing has been around for awhile but not quite ready for the public until now! For a limited time from November 24th, 2012 to January 14th, 2013, you can visit a 3D printing photo booth and get a 3D miniature replica of yourself at EYE OF GYRE in Harajuku. However, you cannot simply walk in, you must make a reservation online.
Pricing options:

S (10cm) – 21,000 Yen

M (15cm) – 32,000 Yen

L (20cm) – 42,000 yen

Source: Spoon Tamago

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  1. This is really cool. I came across your post by chance and the irony is that we are partnering with http://www.solidcrystals.co.uk this year to launch UK’s first modelling of 3D Figurines to the public via our standard photo booth hire birmingham services. We will be having pop up stands at all the major shopping centres in the West Midlands throughout the months of October, November and December.

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