First Person Mario: Endgame


YouTube channel freddiew hasn’t disappointed their fans since the day they started and they’ve been one of the most consistent VFX YouTube channels out there. Yesterday, they released a new video featuring the sequel to their First Person Mario short, First Person Mario: Endgame. If you’re familiar with Mario 3, then this level filled with cannon balls will be a 3D nostalgic hit for you.

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If you haven’t caught the 18 million+ views prequel, see below.

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If you’re interested in the behind-the-scenes process, here’s Brandon talking about it.

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It is interesting to hear that to create something like this, takes days of rendering! One computer alone would crash and the end product will not even see the light of day. Brandon goes into details has how they have to hook up several computers to speed up the rendering process. Also, they talk about creating a rainy environment for animations such as this. If you’re thinking about going into the animation field, definitely follow up on some of their tutorials. It’s quite interesting to hear.


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