Japanese summers could be dreadful. No, I take that back. It IS dreadful! With high humidity and the hot temperature,when you step outside you will be covered in sweating.  Gross.  That is why adults love to drink ice cold beers to blow off the summer heat.

In Japan, your legal drinking age is from 20.  And so it is like a tradition for people to go drink cold beer at beer gardens with your coworkers and/or friends.  Many beer companies aim to introduced their new beer product for this summer season. This year KIRIN came out with a new beer called Ichiban Shibori Frozen Nama. They use a special dispenser that creates frozen beer foam.  The frozen foam is 23ºF (very cold!!!) and when that is topped on the beer, it could keep the beer cold for about half an hour.

This video shows how the frozen foam could be topped.  It’s like placing a soft cream on a cone! FUN! Will be on sale across Japan in May.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbTieKrKOBk&feature=player_embedded’]

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