New character themed nikuman from Family Mart! This time they’re of Gachapin and Mukku.


Gachapin is a bucktoothed and droopy-eyed green dinosaur and Mukku is a son of a yeti. They are very popular characters from a children’s television show called Hirake! Ponkikki that ran from 1973 to 1993. Although the show ended over ten years ago, Gachpin and Mukku remain popular. Some of you may have seen Gachapin in the “Read My Mind” music video by The Killers. Below is a video of Gachapin drifting a car as part of a series of challenges that he does for Fuji TV’s YouTube channel. (Skip to 5:40 to watch him drift).

Gachapin-man has chinjao rosu (pepper steak) in it and Mukku-man comes with hoikoro (twice cooked pork). Each are 180 yen ($1.75).


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