Get ready to weep, fans of Gackt. The superstar (38) is rumored to be in a relationship with the lovely singer ICONIQ (27). A tabloid magazine, FRIDAY, which is probably much like our US Weekly or Star, has published photos of the couple, alleging that the two are in a relationship. They were sighted on what suspiciously sounds like a date, and photographed. The couple apparently went to a fancy French restaurant, where they ate food and drank wine for 3 hours. (Well, what else are you going to do at a restaurant?) The two were seen holding hands and acting very intimate.

Here”s a photo of their Romantic Date:

Suspicious, highly suspicious. While it does not look like a typical business dinner, there is yet to be comment from either singer”s publicity camps.

ICONIQ was born to Korean parents in Japan, and lived in Japan until she was 15. She debuted as a singer with the Kpop group Sugar in casino online 2002; however the group was not so successful. She signed on briefly with SM Entertainment and did work on some of the SM Town albums in 2007. She debuted under the stage name ICONIQ in Japan in late 2009. Her first solo album, Change Myself, debuted in 2010 at #3 on the Oricon charts.

Here is hoping that if the two are really and truly dating, their relationship will be a happy one. Several of Gackt”s previous relationships did not end so well, because of the pressure from his fans, as he mentioned in his autobiography. He does seem to have a thing for Korean chicks, though…

Check out one of ICONIQ”s songs below!


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