Takara Tomy is releasing a collaboration item between the popular ice bar, Gari Gari Kun, and the entertainment franchise, Transformers. The toy is the same size as the ice bar and can (you guessed it) transform into the Gari Gari Kun mascot with various poses.

The toy has several cool features. If you shut the robot’s mouth, it makes a “gari-gari” noise, the ice bar’s signature sound. It also has a shield that is in the shape of the Saitama Prefecture, which is where the Gari Gari Kun got started. Gari Robo Kun can hold a miniature ice bar as well.

The Gari Robo Kun comes in two types, Soda and Cola, and will be in stores from 6/30 for $24.

Via Walkerplus

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