” Geisha is Japanese Girl.Geisha is beautiful. Geisha is wild.” Geisha is a…..robot???!!! From Noboru Iguchi films comes an action-packed cult movie that is quite frankly one of  the strangest, jaw-dropping, most insane films I’ve ever seen. The narration in the trailer is the craziest thing!! Now, although this “masterpiece” was released back in 2009, I just had to share it with all of you. It tells a tale about an evil corporation by the name of Kageno who wants to return Japan to more traditional values with the help of their MASSIVE Geisha Army, two bikini-girl  assassins and a nuclear device to blow up Mt. Fuji. In their quest to complete their task, they kidnap two sisters and turn them into a RoboGeisha! However, the cyborg robots feeling is more towards preserving life and not long before one realized there is more than being a killing machine.

Geisha Missile. Geisha Dance. Geisha Army. Geisha Chainsaw. Geisha Transform!!! And let’s not forgot about the Fried Shrimp….

If you’re looking for an unusual movie to see, something absolutely bizarre, this is the movie for you. But be warned…this is not in anyway  pg-13!

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