Gendo’s Glasses for Sale at Evangelion Store

 Want to dress up like everybody’s favorite mentally abusive father? Now you can, thanks to the fine folks at K5-Spec that produce the glamorously eyewear, fit for anyone ready to mentally scar their child(ren). These aren’t Gendo’s first pair of glasses but the ones he wears in the third movie, Evangelion 3.0. While not as practical as the original pair of glasses Gendo wore, these glasses are actually sunglasses so they’ll be the perfect accessory for you to wear at the beach, as you **SPOILERS** plot to bring the apocalypse upon the world in order to bring your wife back. **END SPOILERS**

Mmm, yes. Third Impact and such.

The glasses will be on sale on the Evangelion Store website for 12,600 yen (~126 USD).

Source: Crunchyroll
Evangelion Store Page


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