The official EXILE TRIBE mobile website was recently updated with some unfortunate news. Both American concert dates for GENERATIONS from Exile Tribe have been cancelled.


Visa issues have been listed as the reason for the cancellation, it was never specified if these visa issues pertained to the entire group or just a select few members. The group and management would like to apologize from the “bottom of their heart” due to the inconvenience this caused. GENERATIONS was scheduled to perform at the Los Angeles Echoplex today, and at the New York Santos Party House on June 19th.   There is no word if these concerts will be rescheduled or not.

GENERATIONS recently held a successful concert in Paris, France back in March, another Paris show and a London show this month prior to the scheduled North American concerts. Here’s to hoping their visa issues can be sorted out and can resume their oversea activities.


Source and Images: GENERATIONS from Exile Tribe Official Site and Arama Japan

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