Calbee has this interesting service- You can get your face on certain Calbee snacks! So COOOOOOOOOOOL! This will be a great gift for birthday goodie bags, wedding, parties, graduation, and other occasions! Whoever receives them will be touched or get a good laugh out of it depending on the photo.

You can get your photo on Jyagarico (potato stick snack), Black Thunder (chocolate bar), and Mary’s (assorted chocolate).  All you have to do is go to Deco/My Calbee site and send a photo! In a couple of weeks your custom package snack will be delivered to your door steps! I don’t think they do international shipping- boooo

And it’s not that expensive! Yay! I think I’ll send my friend’s photo and give it to her as a graduation present! I think she will have a good laugh.


Black Thunder



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