The Daily Mail posted about a crazy opportunity going on in Japan right now. Interested parties can buy a functional android replica of themselves or a loved one….

The mechanical doppelgangers will be on offer at Sogo, Seibu, and Robinson retailers for the princely sum of 20.1million yen or £139,000.

They will be built by Japanese robotics firm Kokoro, which is best known for its line of attractive Actroid receptionist humanoids.

The company will create the sitting robot out of silicone with the same face, body shape, hair and eyes of the recipient. Their speech will be based on recordings of the owner’s voice.

There’s a creepy picture included in the article highlighting what you could get if you are lucky enough to win the lottery and get one of the few that will be made, depending on demand from the public.


The realism of the doll in this example is freakishly detailed.

The article states that these androids cannot actually walk, so they can’t TOTALLY like a complete clone, but this is still pretty intense to think about.

Better get your order in now! I’m thinking of getting myself one…if only I had hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around. oh well.

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