On November 13, the special event of the new Hollywood movie of Ghost in the Shell ( Directed by Rupert Sanders), a manga by Masamune Shiro, was held in Tokyo, and the leading actress, Scarlett Johansson, and Kitano Takeshi appeared.

In the trailer that is 2 minutes 30 seconds long, if you are a fan of Ghost in the Shell, you will notice a number of battle sequences.

From Major who dives from the roof of the building to Major who fights with optical camouflage in the water… Despite the neon sign of the “luxury hotel” that appears in the trailer (per 0’30”), the reproducibility of the original seems to be very high, including the hairstyle of Major, who is played by Scarlett Johansson.

Hollywood has caused ripples by casting a white actors instead of actors of color for the roles of minority characters.
While an argument can be made that casting white actors for Sci-Fi films like this one may help the characters look more like the original work, it looks more like Blade Runner rather than a future set in Japan.
Maybe it’s inevitable since the original uses this image.

The incorrect idea that Asians are all the same can be seen in the portrayal of the other characters.
I thought, “again?”
Even in the future when cyborgs exist, women still wear kimono, do their hair like geishas, sit on the floor and drink sake… This I suppose is the image of Japan?

Maybe it’s inevitable since the original uses this image. I feel that it may be very faithful to the original, but it is missing some of the deep parts of the original.
But I will go check it out.

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