GLAY released their new single, “HEORES / BINETSU (A) girl summer / TSUZURE ORI ~so far and yet so close~”, on May 25, the anniversary of their major debut. They played a Zepp Tokyo concert on the same day to 2,500 people who purchased the single.

The premium concert, titled “NEW SINGLE “HEROES / BINETSU (A) girl Summer / TSUZURE ORI ~so far and yet so close~” presents Tokyo Dome Eve ~BINETSU (A) girl Tokyo~”, was held at a live house. The whole venue was very excited, TERU saying in the opening, “This is our 21st debut anniversary. It’s already been 27 years since our debut.” TAKURO then added, “I’m the biggest GLAY fan.

GLAY played their usual concert favorites as well as upbeat songs from their new album. They commented, “Amazing! Let’s go ahead like this all the way to the dome! Let’s get hyped at the dome too!” and finished off their set.

For the encore, fans sang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and surprised TAKURO who has an upcoming birthday. TAKURO then appeared on stage and replied, “Thank you for the grand encore and your lovely voices. As I said in the beginning, I am the biggest GLAY fan. Could you sing a birthday song for GLAY who is also celebrating a birthday?” The fans sang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” again to celebrate GLAY’s 21st birthday. All of the band members then appeared on stage and played 3 encores songs.

GLAY will play their first Tokyo Dome show in 10 years, “20th Anniversary Final GLAY in TOKYO DOME 2015 Miracle Music Hunt Forever” on May 30 and 31.

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