THE past week’s Music Station was a special Halloween episode. The guests included Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, AKB48Shiritsu Ebisu ChugakuDempagumi.incMika NakashimaTOKIO, and Golden Bomber. Although every group of artists took on bold cosplay ideas at the stage, Golden Bomber stood out and wowed the audience with their PERFECT interpretation of the nostalgic Visual Kei styles back in the 90s.



Can you guess which band they were trying to imitate? I bet you know the answer if you are a Visual Kei fan…


Yes, the answer is… The legendary Japanese Visual Kei band in the 90s — MALICE MIZER (we need some applause here to fit for the band’s reputation).

Let’s take a look at Kyan-san‘s cosplay of MANA, the leader and guitarist of MALICE MIZER.

OMG… this is so funny I’ll definitely try it out next year!!!

You could watch the whole episode of the Halloween Special from the link below. Enjoy!!!!

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