It looks like Pokémon’s been cooking recently. And we mean literally!

The Pokémon Company is teaming up with the popular French-Belgian cookware maker, Le Creuset, to release several kitchen products in Japan on July 17, 2024, with advanced reservations starting as early as July 5th in select stores.

The Pokémon Collection includes a mixture of their famous enamel cast irons, kettle, stacking mugs, plates, bowls, and more! Combining the practical use of everyday kitchen items with the love of Pokémon, this isn’t a want. It’s a need! We gotta catch ‘em all!


Here’s a sneak peek of what to look forward to:

Pokémon Cocotte 18 cm Nectar Pot (Iridescent Knob), ¥39,600


Pokémon Marmite 22 cm Shiny Black Pot (Iridescent Knob), ¥47,300


Pokémon Kettle Classic Nectar, ¥16,500


Pokémon Stacking Mugs (5 pack), ¥17,600


Pokémon Sphere Plates 17 cm (5 pack), ¥16,500


Pokémon Sphere Rice Bowls (5 pack), ¥14,300


Pokémon Tableware Set Poké Ball, ¥11,000


Pokémon Tableware Set Master Ball, ¥11,000


Product Line

  • Pokémon Cocotte 18 cm Nectar Pot (Iridescent Knob) – ¥39,600
  • Pokémon Marmite 22 cm Shiny Black Pot (Iridescent Knob) – ¥47,300
  • Pokémon Kettle Classic Nectar – ¥16,500
  • Pokémon Stacking Mugs (5 pack) – ¥17,600
  • Pokémon Sphere Plates 17 cm (5 pack) – ¥16,500
  • Pokémon Sphere Rice Bowls (5 pack) – ¥14,300
  • Pokémon Tableware Set Poké Ball – ¥11,000
  • Pokémon Tableware Set Master Ball – ¥11,000


The collection will be released in two waves, the first dropping in the summer (July 2024), and the second in the fall (November 2024). It’s expected that the colorfully-themed collaboration pieces will make its way internationally (Asia, Oceania, and South Africa) in the near future. 



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