Hey, so a long-awaited food review is here! Our friend Motoki just got back from Japan and brought with him the ultimate in delicious Japanese kit-kat flavors: the matcha, or green tea. These. are. delicious. I mean, out of all the crazy kit-kat flavors we have tried so far, none have been bad, but green tea is o-so-good; i would put it on par with the calpico flavor in awesomeness. You have an idea of what these taste like if you’ve ever tried green tea mochi or green tea ice cream. It’s just such a rich, full flavor that really sticks with you. And, what’s cool is that they now sell their green tea kit-kat in a pack with two varieties: regular and with milk. Awesome. Because they both taste divine. Wanna get your paws on a pack of these babies? Go over to j-box and get on it!

click for more pics:

with milk
regular matcha

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