Sanrio’s popular character Gude Tama’s limited time cafe, GudeTama Cafe will be opened from April 1st to April 19th, 2017 in Tokyo Sky Tree Town.

This cafe only serves to go menus. They tried to capture ASAKUSA which is one of the leading sights of Japan.

There is “Gude Tama Menu” that is the concept of “downtown” which you can eat and walk.

Gude Sen – Shrimp cracker sandwich with egg, bacon, cabbage with monja source.

Gude Takoyaki” – This is a cute Takoyaki that has boiled “GudeTama” egg.

GudeTama Rice Ball – Rice Ball contains seasoned “Gude Tama” and Tuna Mayo.


“Gude Mitsu”- Vanilla ice cream with Japanese style sweet beans, japanese style jello,GudeTama face tart and brown sugar source. This is the best dessert.

Gude Cocoa – Cocoa with the GudeTama Face marshmallows.

Gude Float – A special float drink with tiny bubbles like eggs and GudeTama ice cream.

If you leave them, the marshmallows and ice cream will melt and change the shape of the egg. Then they will become just look like GudeTama.

Let’s go to Sky Tree Town to try GudeTama Menu!

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