Not the first, but the 3rd Gundam Cafe!

Apparently, the next popular thing right after Maid Cafe, is a Gundam Cafe! Tomorrow (or more like today in Japan) the new restaurant will be opened in Tokyo! I am betting it is/will be PACKED.

The first of it’s kind opened up in Akihabara on April 2010 and since then grown more popular than it had imagined spawning more in multiple locations! The next Gundam cafe opened up in Odaiba. You can count on Nagoya, Hiroshima, and Osaka to be homes for these mecha restaurants quite soon actually. Or so it has been hinted!

So what can you enjoy at a Gundam Cafe? Looks like a larger selection actually, even for those who are looking for a quick cup of caffeine/juice! Check out some pictures!


Don’t they just look scrumptious! I would not mind trying out the curry. OOO! Maybe if they could offer some Starbucks-like membership cards for those coffee, that would keep me coming back! But sadly, I am based in LA and we will most likely NOT get a Gundam Cafe around here. We had several Maid Cafes that opened up but sadly, not stood around long. Personally, I would walk into a Gundam Cafe more comfortably than I would into a Maid Cafe. I don’t know, I’d pictured myself looking awkward after being called “Master” when I walk in. But maybe one of these days when we attend Pacific Media Expo or Anime Expo I would try out the Maid Cafe service. Hopefully they can squeeze in a small Gundam Cafe there while they are at it!

Actually, speaking of which! One of Akihabara’s Maid Cafe branch is opening up in Los Angeles some time in 2013! Maidreamin’  has 11 locations in Japan, one in Bangkok, and now confirmed for LA. Several other locations in the US has been considered so we will keep you posted on that! It is definitely great to see the enthusiasm of embracing a popular culture icon and opening up a cafe with the theme of it.

What do you guys think of the Gundam Cafe? What other themed Cafes you would like to see opening up here or in Japan?

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