Japan’s Häagen-Dazs will be releasing two flavors of “Hana Mochi” at grocery stores, convenience stores and department stores starting on February 28th for a limited time only.

Hana Mochi is a popular Häagen-Dazs series for an amazing collaboration of rich ice cream and soft mochi. Hana Mochi series first came out in February of 2015 but they became discontinued due to the extreme popularity. This time, “Kinako Kuromitsu (Soy Bean Powder with Brown Sugar Syrup)” which came out in 2015 and also the new flavor, “Goma Kurumi (Walnuts with Sesame Paste) will be available for 272 yen each.


“Kinako Kuromitsu”

This flavor is made of flavorful kinako ice cream mixed with a brown sugar syrup sauce and topped with soft mochi and kinako powder.


“Goma Kurumi”

This new flavor is made of white sesame pasted ice cream with walnuts and soft mochi. It’s completed with a black sesame sauce on the top and it looks very beautiful and appetizing.


Source: Fashion Press




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