Happy L’Arc~en~Ciel Day! Well, it is the day after but yes!! It is official! May 31st is the official L’Arc~en~Ciel Day in Honolulu! Keep reading on to find out why on my KawaiiKakkoiiSugoi EXCLUSIVE LIVE REPORT! For some of you guys, don’t worry, I will still make my video live report as soon as I get back home so I can use my better camera and computer to film it and it will have even MORE details than this one! But for now… Are you ready?!

It was beautiful, calm weather in Hawaii with the sun setting and then… L’Arc~en~Ciel came out to hype us up with the first song, READY STEADY GO! Perfect song to start off this leg of the tour final! I was already rocking like mad and they continued this exciting moment with Caress of Venus! hyde told the crowd to JUMP JUMP JUMP! ken looking really good snaking while wearing his sunglasses and playing his guitar. tetsuya bassing like always, and yukihiro with his spectacular drumming.

Small snippets of the intro of REVELATION started to play and hyde began to do an little MC, speaking during the pauses. He was speaking Japanese so unfortunately for me and my friends, we couldn’t understand what he was saying. It didn’t really mattered too much since we still rocked out hard during this song!

L’Arc immediately jumped into HONEY, almost if they were speeding through the setlist! *sad face* The intro of flower started and hyde pulled out his harmonica and played it. At one point of the song, he threw his harmonica to the crowd, pulled out a second harmonica to conclude the song and threw out to the middle section again.

The crew began doing a stage set changed and pushed yukihiro’s drumming platform more up. It was the set up where all the members huddle up to perform. tetsuya and ken took a seat while hyde was standing in the front of the stage with his hat on. They played  叙情詩 acapella like they did for Madison Square Garden. Eeek! 😀

hyde did his MC, of course… in Japanese. I wasn’t really able to understand what he said at the time but from a few friends, they told me the band members were talking about the finale PV. They shot it in Hawaii and they had horses but hyde horse kept pooping. Haha I think that was how it goes. Anyway, maybe someone will post about the MC and L’Arc UK English Street Team will translate it for us! They continued staying seated and played Pieces. I believe he forgot the lyrics at the end. Haha typical hyde…

Then, unexpectedly, it seems they played a L’Acoustic of 花葬. We aren’t too sure but it was definitely a slow version and wow, I believe this was the first time they played this version! SO AWESOME! I love the different arrangement. The guitar solo from ken was different and amazing! So glad we were there to hear it!

As the stage began shifting back to normal, the intro of X X X played and they played the Japanese version. DRINK IT DOWN came on, AWESOME! A bright light shined on ken and he played the guitar intro solo to MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM. Afterwards, he was handed a bag that had ABC store labeled on it. This was his MC!

ken spoke some English in the beginning. He said he caught a cold and wondered if Hawaiian catches cold too. He was communicating with the audience and again, from very little translation, what I understand is that he wanted to quit smoking and some guy in the crowd shouted back, “QUIT SMOKING” in Japanese and ken was like, “NO!” haha. He proceeded with the gifts to tetsuya this time! He got tetsuya a rainbow beach shorts, snorkels, beach ball, lei, and a pink flower hairpin. We all watched tetsuya blew up the beach ball and he was able to fill it up with his own breaths! WOW! Vocal lungs are amazing!

ken dropped his paper and played SEVENTH HEAVEN for us! GOOD LUCK MY WAY came up next and the audience sang through the entire song.

tetsuya took out a banana and did his bass solo. We knew what was coming. STAY AWAY!! After the guitar solo from Driver’s High, hyde kept holding back to sing that verse and let the audience sing. Or he could have forgotten the lyrics again. All the members left the stage leaving yukihiro to do his amazing drum solo.

Encore came up, audience did the wave and did some chants like AHHH LOO HAHH!!

あなた music came up, the audience knew what to do and sang the chorus. It wasn’t like Madison Square Garden where we had to sing the chorus 30 times before they came back up on stage. Haha. Winter fall came on. I am a little disappointed it wasn’t snow drop… again… grrr. CHASE came on and I am glad they played it in Japanese too! I got to hear CHASE and X X X in both English (at MSG) and Japanese version (at The Shell) live!

Link came on! They stopped in the middle of the song for tetsuya to throw his banana. He shouted “DO YOU WANNA EAT MY F**KING BANANA?!” In English!! And whispered “Or do you want to like my f**king lollipop?” After he threw a few out, they finished up Link and something special happened…

Tom Moffatt came out on stage with the mayor of Honolulu, Peter Carlisle and officially declared May 31st the official L’Arc~en~Ciel holiday in Honolulu. WOW!!! They all took a picture on stage with tetsuya holding up the official certificate! This was really epic!

We finally reached hyde’s final MC. He said “Sugoi…” to the whole official L’Arc day. Again, no idea what he said afterwards, but I bet they were proud. They performed the last song, . It was the end of the conce-


hyde began signal the band members to quiet down. This was his true final MC. From what I understand, he talked about how proud they were to be honored with the official L’Arc day. He started crying because a staff member of L’Arc~en~Ciel has passed away recently. hyde got really teary, he couldn’t finish up his MC. Finally, he gathered enough courage and said they are going to dedicate one final song to this staff member, and it was Bye Bye. Aww! *sad face* It was a very emotional moment, hyde could barely finished the ending of the song. He choked up saying “Bye bye…” T-T

And… Wow. What a live. It was really special. It was the same as the other lives in many ways, and at the same time, very different in many ways. I still cannot believe it is over. The wait to see them felt like an eternity and the show was only 1.5 hours. I wish I could be there for today’s show but unfortunately, it was for fan club members only… Well, this concludes my EXCLUSIVE Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi live report! Don’t forget to look forward to my VIDEO LIVE REPORT on my larcboy04 YouTube channel as it will have MORE DETAILS and my EXPRESSIONS from the live! For now, take care! I will be home soon!

– larcboy04

P.S. special thanks to @evilashi for her notes, @cjiang39 for translations, my friend Ryoka for clarity.

P.S.S Don’t forget to vote for the next World Tour!!


Jason Vong

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  1. Wow, what a complete review!!
    Sorry my english is not good, never use it in my daily life..
    I saw their show in Paris, Singapore and Jakarta (my city), but none of those lives played Caress of Venus, my all-time favorite song!
    Everyone’s have a hard time with the voting website now, i waited almost 4 hours in front of computer before i succeed..
    Hope you don’t have to wait for that long, buddy!
    Thx a lot for this review, please forgive my grammar mistake or anything.

    P.S. who is Tom Moffatt?

  2. Hey Robert, thanks for reading! I believe Tom Moffatt is the promoter for L’Arc 5.31 event! 🙂

    From his website: “Radio DJ, TV show host, event promoter, record producer, music publisher, and author all describe the man who’s been at the helm of Hawaii’s show-biz scene for more than fifty years.

    Named one of the most influential people in the history of Honolulu,”Uncle” Tom Moffatt has kept the 50th State hoppin’ with attractions for every taste – from the elegance of the Bolshoi Ballet to the knock-out action of WWE, and every major artist who has ever toured the Pacific.

    That kind of experience is hard to beat…and comes with some pretty amazing stories, too. Yet for all the accolades, Tom is one of the most down-to-earth people around, never too busy to chat with fans who have an “Uncle Tom” memory to share.



  3. Hmm, so he’s a big daddy of Honolulu showbiz scene! Well, have a great day there!!
    I really like your review, it’s full of enthusiasm. Do you attend their second show too?
    Actually i had bought (or buy?) tickets to Osaka and Tokyo before, because i want to see them performing Caress of Venus live so bad!
    But well, my parents didn’t allow me to go because they said: “nuclear radiation of Fukushima will harm your body cell -____-”
    But i won’t miss it next year! I will CHASE them around the world if i must!

  4. Hmm, so he’s a big daddy of Honolulu showbiz scene! Well, have a great day there!!
    I really like your review, it’s full of enthusiasm. Do you attend their second show too?
    Actually i had bought (or buy?) tickets to Osaka and Tokyo before, because i want to see them performing Caress of Venus live so bad!
    But well, my parents didn’t allow me to go because they said: “nuclear radiation of Fukushima will harm your body cell -____-”
    But i won’t miss it next year! I will CHASE them around the world if i must!
    Wish you all the best there, Jason.

  5. Robert,
    I cannot attend the second show because it is only LE-Ciel Fan Club members only… boo! 🙁 But I will be outside the park listening. 🙂

    It’s a shame to hear you weren’t able to go to the Osaka and Tokyo shows. 🙁 They will do another World Tour soon!

  6. Thank you, Jason for your excellent report. ^_^ Hyde had me in tears, too, and I didn’t even know why HE was crying. I hated for the concert to end. 🙁
    I am sharing this on my FB, I hope you don’t mind.
    ~tee ♪

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