There are days that you feel down, like really down. What do you do to pump yourself up? Well we listen to MUSIC 🙂 I have many songs that makes me happy and today I want to share my happy song! Have you heard the song ナチュラルに恋して(Natural ni Koishite) by Perfume that was released in 2010? It’s a cute song with a soft upbeat tune. I think Perfume is one of the well recognized girl electropop unit from Japan.  I don’t really listen to J-pop but I like some songs from Perfume.   This year in March (last month) Perfume signed with Universal and made their world debut. You could get their new single Spring of Life on iTunes.

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Today, the moment I got to the office and opened my laptop I went on youtube and watched ナチュラルに恋して and sang along to it… loud.  I love this music video and their choreography 🙂 dancing at my desk- Such a HAPPY song!


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