Today in Japan, it is White Day! It is a holiday celebrated by young lovers as much as Valentine”s day is. White Day comes one month after Valentine”s day. On White Day, guys will give gifts to the girls who gave them chocolate back in February. Most common gifts are chocolate, jewelry, white lingerie… pretty much the kind of thing you”d expect to get from your boyfriend.

While White Day is celebrated in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, the holiday”s origins lie in the not online casino so distant past of Japan. You see, first time the holiday was celebrated was only in 1978. It was created by a bunch of companies who had the idea that men should reciprocate the gifts they get from girls on Valentine”s Day. So, yes, it”s technically one of those “they”re just out to get us to buy more stuff” things. Seems to be working very well, though!!

One company recently introduced a new flavor of chocolate for White Day… White Curry???? Sounds interesting, though. I”d like to try that!! Although, most likely, I won”t get to because it is only available in Yokosuka… and limited edition.  Bah, humbug.

Also, for all the geeks like me celebrating Pi Day… here”s a white chocolate pie. (Hint: if you click on the pictures of the pie or the cake at the top, you are taken to the recipe pages… just in case you wanted to celebrate White Day in style.)

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