About 2 weeks ago, I wrote a blog about Japanese Crepes. And do you guys remember what I said? To quote myself- “If it(Harajuku Crepe) is REALLY good I’ll post a blog about it ” and it was REALLY good I’m posting a blog about it! So the day I wrote the crepe blog, Yunapyon and I headed to Harajuku Crepe! Harajuku Crepe is located on S Santa Monica Blvd between Cannon Drive and Beverly Drive.  Btw, there are no parking so you must park at a nearby public parking.  The interior of the store is simple,  there are tables and chairs so you can eat in too-We ordered the tuna salad crepe with spicy mayo sauce and chicken+cheese+avocado+tomato crepe with honey mustard.  These are meal crepes and let me tell you that they were de.li.ci.ouuuusssss! The tuna salad crepe had lots of lettuce and other greens, very healthy.  The chicken+cheese+avocado+tomato crepe had really tender chicken with warm melted cheese and so glad to have chosen the honey mustard sauce, it was excellent :] You get to chose your batter (original, buckwheat, green tea, earl grey, etc.) and sauce, there are many unique choices of batter and a full list of sauces that you start to be come horribly indecisive.  I’m glad Yunapyon was there with me to decide 😉 You can also make your crepe to a combo that comes with a drink and a small bag of chips (+$3.50)

tuna salad






chicken+cheese+avocado+tomato crepe






For dessert we got the American ultimate crepe with chocolate batter which had nutella+strawberries+banana+vanilla ice cream and a Japanese inspired crepe with green tea batter with green tea ice cream+azuki beans+mochi.  Well you can tell that you CANNOT go wrong with these combinations.

Harajuku Crepe was really good, just like what our kawaii girl Dahlia commented on the Japanese Crepes blog! Everything was perfect, but the crepe edges were made a little too crispy for my taste.  I liked the crispy edges for the meal crepes but for the dessert crepes I like my crepe to be simply soft all around. Anyway if you haven’t tried the Harajuku Crepe, you should definitely give it a try! You won’t be disappointed. We also made a short video so check that out too!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twIfPADKsxg’]





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  1. I love your blog!
    I also wrote an article about crêpes since seen from France it’s really strange to see japanese people eating those white crêpes with salty things. We would usually only use that kind of white crêpes with sweet things… there is another kind of crêpes made from buckwheat flour that’s suited to salty things.
    But then the japanese seem to also have adapted “pain perdu” (French toast) … with mayo ^^

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