Family Mart is collaborating with Hatsune Miku to commemorate her 5th year anniversary. The campaign is called Miku Loves Famima and will be going on from 8/14-9/10.

The campaign features:

  • 26 original products
  • a chance to win a Miku motor scooter among other prizes
  • 39 (“mi-ku” = alternative reading of three-nine in Japanese) days of Hatsune Miku footage brought to you by Famima
  • a commercial starring Hatsune Miku
  • a lottery to win a Hatsune Miku figurine wearing a Family Mart uniform
  • a Hatsune Miku themed Famima in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Check out the products below!

The pork bun is my favorite. It’s so cute!! I also really like how there’s a wide variety in the Hatsune Miku illustrations. I guess that’s one of the perks of a project that is completely driven by users. Anyone’s and everyone’s Miku can be featured on products for all of the world to see 🙂


Source: press release

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