Wasn’t that amazing fun last night!? Just thought some of you would like to know when you’ll be able to get to see Hatsune Miku again. Your chance will come again next year on March 9th, which is Miku’s day (because “mi” refers to 3 and “ku” means 9) at the Tokyo Dome City Hall!

This event will span two days. There will be a Hatsune Miku Live Party on 3/8, and a Hatsune Miku Concert – The Last Miku’s Thanksgiving Day on 3/9. Last!? Does that mean this is her last show? We’re thinking they’re just not going to do a Miku Thanksgiving Day show, but a concert with a different name and idea (hopefully).  So if you’re planning on being in Japan, you should enter the ticket lottery starting on 11/23 at their official site, but you can also buy tickets on 1/28 from several places like Lawson Ticket and Ticket Pia. The Mikupa and concert both have two performances on the respective dates, and each ticket costs 6,300 yen (about $81). If you can’t go to Japan, let’s all hope there will be another Live Viewing event series in the States again so we can all go!

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