We were lucky enough to get in on Hatsune Miku’s second live in the US. She played in San Francisco last year, but this year’s show in LA was a big hit. The Nokia Theatre sold out in 4 hours and approximately 4500 people attended.

The twins, Kagamine Rin/Len, and Megurine Luka also performed alongside Miku. The audience got these awesome glow sticks that change colors.

It’s quite a different experience watching this nijigen (2D) Hatsune Miku surrounded by real band members as well as real fans going crazy for her. But overall, it was an awesome and entertaining show. What’s really great is that anyone can create songs with the software and have that song played live in front of thousands of people and heard all over the internets by millions. I’m excited for how much further this vocaloid culture will develop.

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