Couldn’t make it to Hatsune Miku’s concerts in the States this past year? Have you hoped for more Vocaloid events? Well, we have some really good news for you!

The Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011 39’s (“san-kyu” = thanks) Live in Sapporo is an event on 11/10 during which Live Viewing Japan will broadcast  Miku’s concert in 9 major cities in the US at selected theaters. Live Viewing Japan is a distribution company who wants to bring Japanese entertainment to an international audience by broadcasting events in theaters near you. This means all you J-pop/rock fans who always wished to go to shows in Japan will soon be able to experience the concerts around your neighborhood!

Here are the selected cities:

Los Angeles
Orange County
New York – two locations
San Francisco

The Hatsune Miku Live Party will mark the release of the Blu-ray, DVD, Live CD package of Miku in Zepp Tokyo and Sapporo in-stores 11/16. This is a one night only event, and will feature the whole Vocaloid crew, which includes Kagamine Rin & Len and Megurine Luka. Don’t miss out!

Click here for more information, including the participating theaters, and check out their facebook page for live updates.

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