In Japan, girls mostly give chocolate or presents to their crushes or boyfriends and sweets are considered really “girly,” so here are some Japanese heart-shaped products that men might enjoy more than chocolate!

img_41936_1Osawaya is selling this really cute udon set that comes with a heart-shaped aburaage and a little pink heart made with udon.

heartpizza2Domino’s Japan is offering heart-shaped medium pizzas exclusively online. This and some time to play MGS will probably help you win his heart.

mainimageHeart-shaped rice crackers from Minatoya.

ハート型ステーキ100 gram and 3 cm-thick Yonezawa steak shaped like a heart. Who could turn that down?

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 1.50.12 PMHeart-shaped kamaboko (fishcakes). The brown ones look like chocolate, but they guarantee that it will taste like a normal kamaboko.

バレンタインセット対象ドーナツlHeart-shaped churros from Mister Donut

img59982961Heart-shaped leaves taken from hoya kerrii called “heart hoya” in Japan. It’s not food (I mean, I’m sure you could eat it if you wanted to), but it’s so kawaii!


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