WOW. A lot of hello kitty in so many costumes and different makeups. I was’t sure if they are for sale or not. Because I know people would want to buy some of these cool hello kitty toys. They look real and real products but they are actually illustrations. Can you believe it? They look amazing. Great job yodaflicker!

I found them here.

Lady gaga, Darth from The Star Wars, Hit Girl from Kick Ass, Ultraman, Tron… and Will and Kate , HRH William. Kawaii!

Hello Gaga_beautiful

Hello SuperKitty
Hello Will & Kate - HRH William
Hello Hitty

Hello TRON 2010
Hello Will & Kate - HRH Catherine

Hello Daft Punk GUY
Hello DarthKitty

Check out his/ her flickr page. you will find many more hello kitty toys. If you wanna get more inspired, JUMP.

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