Monster Children is a social networking game created by GREE, a leading mobile social gaming network in Japan, and CAVE Interactive, that was released yesterday. The game features several popular Sanrio characters, such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll as zombies, draculas, and ghosts in light of the Halloween spirit.

Here’s how the game works. You save the Baby Monsters from the Ojyama (bothersome) Children and give them the legendary treasures that you collect called  Mon-stones. These Baby Monsters grow into two different types of Monsters, the gatsu-gatsu (aggressive) and the kotsu-kotsu (steady). The gatsu-gatsu type are good at collecting the Mon-stones, while the kotsu-kotsu live in the House in Monster Park and collect in-game currency. The Monster Park constantly transforms with the growth of your Monsters and the population.

The concept behind the collaboration is “a little scary, but very cute!”

Baby Monsters


A cool feature of this game is the social aspect of it. By checking into different places, you obtain different items like special houses and monsters, (much like Foursquare and their badges).

Here are items that you can obtain at Laforet, a department store in Harajuku, during 10/08-10/31 as they’ll be holding a Hello Kitty Monster Cosplay event!

At the event, they’ll be handing out Halloween Hello Kitty masks as well as selling Laforet x Hello Kitty items.

You can check out all the merch here!

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