Did you know November 1st is hello kitty’s birthday? To cerebrate her big day, Kitty chan and Circle K (one the most common convenient stores in Japan) are collaborating on a new yummy treat. Look at this Hello Kitty Nikuman!!! 150 JPYen and 400,000 limited buns and they are expected to be sold out in less than a week. They will be available at Circle K on Oct 16th. In case you don’t know, Nikuman is a steamed bun,  filled with juicy ground meat and onion filling. Nikuman is typically available in cold weather months. starting October. I used to get Nikuman after school for a little snack on the way home. They taste soooo good. All the convini stores usually carry an assortment of flavors like curry, anko ( sweet red bean), pizza and etc.

I need to celebrate her birthday in states too. Wish Hello Kitty Nikuman was available here just like in Japan!!!

Check out how they are sold at Japanese Convenience stores below. Right next to registers. Ready to eat.


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